Caringbah Healthcare Centre at Shop 2, 52 President Avenue, Caringbah 2229
The right balance...
of western and eastern medicine.

Call 9525-8886.


“Sam Li, the Doctor of Chinese Medicine, helped my daughter with a severe condition which pure western medicine says is never curable. Not only did she keep her full-time job, she has regained strength and cut medication levels.”


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Caringbah Health Care Centre

Caringbah Health Care Centre provides one of the best combinations of both Western and Eastern Medical Services to the general public. Caringbah Health Centre is located in the centre of Caringbah's business area, within walking distance to the railway station.

Sam Li founded his Australian practice in 1996. The Caringbah Healthcare Centre has been open to the public since 2003.

Location: 52 President Avenue, Shop #2, in Caringbah New South Wales Australia

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